Analysis and Inventory of Geo-Drilling Events in the Dutch Subsurface; a TIBCO Spotfire Interface Application (2017)

Deze MSc scriptie is geschreven door oud-stagiair Mathijs Kuiper.

Well safety and cost are of major importance for E&P companies. Unexpected drilling events can cause the costs of drilling to exceed the planned costs. Risk assessment during development of the well planning relies on experience from offset wells. For that reason a joint industry project was launched to investigate drilling events throughout the industry (Hoetz, 2013). Offset wells are drilled in close proximity to the proposed well and provide valuable information about the area since these wells are drilled through similar geological settings. The Drilling Events Triangle was an important tool, which has been developed from the conducted study by Hoetz (2013), to classify drilling events. The drilling events which are caused by a geological underlying hazard, are selected, analyzed and documented in a database: The Geo-Drilling Events database.

The objective of this internship was to assist in maturing a conceptual database into a well planning tool that can be rolled out to EBN’s partners. Contribution include analyzing well reports for information regarding Geo-Drilling Events, coding Excel and Spotfire applications and designing the user-friendly user interfaces. This database will be made accessible by EBN for analysis and well offset reviews. This Spotfire-tool will be available to the operators in the Netherlands via a hosted cloud service by TIBCO.