Small field historic gas production and forecast (Focus on Energy 2017)

The figure below is from Focus on Energy 2017. It shows historical production and the production forecast from small fields on- and offshore the Netherlands (100%) with EBN participation. Small fields refer to all the Dutch gas fields except for the Groningen field. The volumes are based on EBN’s reserve, resource and prospect database and are regarded as the business-as-usual setting, the most likely scenario if the industry continues to drill and develop its portfolio in the same pace as in previous years. The (infill) potential of remaining reserves and contingent resources is still high and rewarding.

EBN sees potential for an upside scenario from enhanced activities such as exploration, increased recovery, tight gas development and infrastructure optimisation. These volumes are shown as EBN upside in the figure. It also includes resources that could follow from collaboration concepts within the energy industry such as gas-to-power, CCUS and geothermal dual-play concepts, although these numbers are difficult to quantify. EBN’s upside is a growth scenario that is not part of EBN’s reserves and resource database. In total, this may add some 150 bcm until 2050.

For more information about the Dutch energy sector download our publication Focus on Energy 2017 below.